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What Does a Thermal Camera Do?

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

What Does a Thermal Camera Do Thermal imagery is a great way to analyze your home’s heat loss and leaks.

A thermal imaging camera is a specialized piece of equipment that restoration professionals use to detect heat. The thermal camera can create images of any form of detectable infrared radiation by capturing different heat levels to help determine the temperature of an object in it. 

Thermal imagery is a great way to analyze your home’s heat loss and leaks. First, however, you need to know how to interpret the images. For example, infrared cameras detect thermal energy escaping due to missing insulation, cracks around windows and doors, and electrical hotspots. 

However, thermal imaging can also detect particular cold areas and can help to identify water leaks and cold spots in homes.

Moisture seepage and water leaks are subtle and easy to miss in a building until it is too late. For example, small water drips from the ceiling or pools of water on floors mean a significant problem in the plumbing system or roof. Therefore, when interpreting a thermal image, it is essential to understand it doesn’t offer X-ray vision.

Is Blue Always “Wet” on Thermal Imaging?

There are many sources of moisture in buildings, including humidity (in all seasons), condensation, leaking pipes, rain and snow, and even human and animal breath. Usually, low humidity is fine, but leaks or a lot of condensation can cause serious problems. Unfortunately, a thermal imaging camera cannot “see” moisture in walls. Still, it can detect subtle temperature differences and patterns that indicate the presence of water. 

Different colors are used to interpret an object’s temperature or amount of heat. The color range is red, orange, black, yellow, and purple. In this case, bright colors such as red, yellow, and orange indicate high temperatures, and purple, dark blue, and black indicate low temperatures. 

Red, yellow, and orange: Indicates warm to high temperatures. 

Dark blue, black, and purple: Represents cool to freezing temperatures. 

Leaks or moisture almost always appear cooler and bluer than the surrounding material. Therefore, it becomes easier to make informed decisions when you understand how to read and interpret the thermal cameras. 

Using thermal imaging cameras makes it easier to spot potential moisture problems. This can help prevent the need for destructive testing methods to check for leaks. 

Humidity Patterns in Houses

Humidity in buildings often spreads in a recognizable pattern depending on the location of the water. 

On walls: Downward triangular patterns are formed when water spreads downwards.

Ceilings: An shapeless, unstructured shape with regions of wet, damp, and wet matter that spread outward with varying temperatures.

Flooding: The overflowing water runs along the wall into the insulation and over the wall studs. 

Hot water pipes: Leaks from hot water pipes appear as warm areas.

SERVPRO of Dallas Love is Here to Help

A thermal camera is easy to operate and helps to identify unseen moisture issues in homes damaged by a water event. At SERVPRO of Dallas Love, our team of experts uses thermal cameras for our Dallas water damage restoration services. 

Call us today at (214) 272-7600 to find out how we can remove excess moisture and prevent mold growth after a flood.

Texas Winter Storm: What You Can Expect

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

texas flag with snow There are many problems that can arise in the aftermath of a winter storm.

Like most natural disasters, storms can be unpredictable, leaving you and other occupants of your property vulnerable. Besides the well-being of yourself and others, though, you could also be facing a myriad of problems that are afflicting your home or business. In the end, you will have to pay a lot out of pocket to ensure that your property issues are resolved, especially for problems that you may have not noticed right away.

Sound stressful? Don’t worry. While storms have the potential to damage your property, by educating yourself on common problems you might face after a winter storm, you can better prepare yourself for the worst. More so, you can also be prepared by researching and hiring the most qualified services to help with property damage, such as our Dallas water damage restoration services.

What to Expect With a Texas Winter Storm 

There are many problems that can arise in the aftermath of a winter storm — too many, in fact, for us to list here. But the most common issues you should be mindful of include:

Water Damage

Some storms can cause heavy rainfall. Others can cause flooding just by the strength of their winds alone. Take, for instance, Hurricane Nicholas, which caused heavy flooding along the gulf coast back in 2021.

For winter storms, specifically, heavy snowfall can occur, resulting in massive amounts of water melting in the aftermath. Depending on the strength and severity of the storm, you will need to be aware of water damage that may take place. Even if you don’t see water damage present, perform a thorough inspection of your property. 

Because of its fluidity, water can be trapped just about anywhere, even in the tiniest crevices of your property. If you find water damage has occurred, call SERVPRO for our Dallas water damage restoration services.

Roof Damage

The high winds that spawn from powerful winter storms can easily lift just about anything, especially the tiles and shingles of roofs. With that in mind, be sure to inspect your roof once the skies are clear and it’s safe to go outside.

It’s not too difficult to notice missing shingles and tiles on a roof, but also be sure to look closely for any cracks or other forms of damage. Also, be mindful of water that could’ve seeped into your roof after the snow melts. Trapped water in the roof can provide the perfect environment for mold development.

Impact Damage

Because high winds from a storm can pick up objects, they can also put them down and even collide them onto surfaces of your property. Look outside your home or business and be on the lookout for anything that could be damaged due to impact.

Call SERVPRO of Dallas Love for Our Quality Restoration Services Today.

If you find yourself in need of Dallas water damage restoration services, or any other restoration work, call us today at (214) 272-7600.

Get Back to Enjoying Your Home Quickly After Storm Damage

11/19/2021 (Permalink)

Outside view of beautiful restored home If your property has been damaged by a storm, pick up the phone and call the experts at SERVPRO of Dallas Love for cleanup and restoration services.

In addition to being a safe shelter from the elements, your home is also for occupants to enjoy leisure activities like reading, watching TV, and enjoying quality time with loved ones. But when a powerful storm hits your home, dealing with the aftermath is devastating. 

When a powerful storm damages your house, you can trust SERVPRO to provide our fast and reliable restoration services. Continue reading to learn how we can help you.

How SERVPRO Can Help

Since 1980, US citizens have witnessed 308 weather and climate disasters with damage costs exceeding $1 billion.

When you want to reduce your costs for home repairs and restoration, call us immediately after a storm has hit your house. We can provide you with the following services.

Dallas Mold Remediation

Storms allow water to seep into your home’s structures and provide the perfect setting for mold to develop. It’s often difficult to spot mold in your home early on, and before you know it, there are spores spreading rapidly throughout the house.

When mold is taking over your home, leave the problem in expert hands. SERVPRO can provide you with the Dallas mold remediation you need so you don’t have to worry about spores infecting your interiors.

Dallas Water Damage Restoration

Apart from mold, water itself is a very powerful force. During a storm, water can put tremendous pressure on your home’s roof and foundation. But if water is affecting your living space, you can trust us for our Dallas water damage restoration.

We’ll extract the water and after our work is done, we’ll ensure that your home is dry again.

SERVPRO is the Leading Provider of Restoration Services in Dallas

When you need help removing mold spores, you can count on SERVPRO for our Dallas mold remediation services. Likewise, you can also trust us to provide the best Dallas water damage restoration you won’t find anywhere else.

For any inquiries, you can call us at (214) 272-7600 or visit our contact page.

Top 2 Ways to Prepare for the Dallas Storm Season

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Stormy Skies SERVPRO provides a complete suite of restoration services to return your home to its original state.

Texas is one of 11 states that often get hit with tornadoes and other kinds of inclement weather. Residents here face an average of 5.7 tornadoes per year. If you live in Dallas, Texas, it is important to learn how to prepare for a tornado or a storm. 

In addition to protecting yourself, you also need to prepare your home for the stormy season. You can communicate with SERVPRO’s Dallas Love franchise and get your house storm-proofed. SERVPRO is a leading provider of residential restoration services

So, let’s take a look at how you can prepare your property for the storm season in Dallas, Texas.  

Pre-Storm Preparation: Roof Restoration 

Getting your roof repaired before the storm hits can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. You can contact SERVPRO’s teams in Dallas Love to provide you with sturdy and robust roofing solutions. 

SERVPRO will make sure your upgraded roof is durable, hail-resistant, and impact-resistant. Getting your roof fixed before the storm can save the cost of water damage in the future. 

If you want to take protection to another level, ask SERVPRO’s team about emergency board-up techniques. Our experts use an approved boarding application to protect your property from harsh weather.

Post-Storm Preparation and Home Restoration

If your home has flooded, reach out to SERVPRO’s Dallas Love team for post-storm clean up. SERVPRO’s team of professionals will drain the water, clean your home, and take care of your belongings. 

The service can also help with sewage cleaning, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, and odor removal. SERVPRO provides a complete suite of restoration services to return your home to its original state. 

Prepare for Storm Season in Dallas. Call Us Today!

The storm season is close. Call SERVPRO’s Dallas Love emergency services at (214) 272-7600, and make sure your home or office building stays safe from the ravages of bad weather.

What’s Included in Our Storm Damage Restoration Services?

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

flooded house SERVPRO of Dallas Love offers 24-hour emergency services through highly-trained technicians who’re always ready to respond to an emergency.

Inclement weather, powerful winds and storms, can cause severe damage to your house or commercial property. For example, it might loosen the shingles of your roof or wreck your floor with extreme flooding. Such situations can turn your life upside down. 

That's why it is imperative that you look for a reliable storm damage restoration service to rescue your house from the aftermath of the disaster.  

SERVPRO of Dallas Love offers 24-hour emergency services through highly-trained technicians who’re always ready to respond to an emergency. With our expertise in damage control, restoration, and cleaning, we can fix a disaster of any size for houses, industries, and businesses.  

Our technicians are highly trained in Storm Damage Restoration Services in Dallas, which includes: 

Roof Repairs and Restoration

The storm can leave your roof significantly damaged. Our highly trained professionals use advanced training and specialized equipment to restore your Dallas property roof to its pre-storm condition effectively. 

We know the importance of emergency repairs and restoration, so we provide immediate service to prevent secondary damage. 

Our service includes: 

  • Checking for missing shingles
  • Creating a proper storm damage restoration plan
  • Providing a temporary fix to stop rain from coming in 
  • Proceeding to comprehensive roof repairs 

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Water damage can happen in many shapes and forms. For example, your roof might leak due to damaged shingles, broken pipelines, flooding, and other similar problems. 

Our water damage experts know exactly how to return your property to its normal state quickly. 

At SERVPRO, we offer our clients customized water removal and drying plans because it requires a unique approach to handle every job.

 We provide services for: 

  • Water Removal
  • Cleanup and Move-Out
  • Drying
  • Reconstruction

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Flood water can flow into the house and get trapped in and under carpets and the subfloor. Trapped moisture can heavily damage your flooring, whether it's a carpet or vinyl. The condition can worsen if it is black water or greywater, resulting in a sickening odor in the house. You’ll need to remove it immediately so the smell doesn’t permeate everything you own and cause severe health effects. 

Our professional cleaning also addresses these issues and we’ll thoroughly clean the flooring asap.  

Call Us to Recover from Storm Damage Quickly

If you’re a resident in Dallas and need Storm Damage Restoration Services, SERVPRO is ready to help, anytime, day or night.

Give us a call at our Dallas Love franchise's phone number (214) 272-7600 for immediate assistance.