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Drying the Carpet and Saving the Office Furniture in Dallas, TX

Water damage can be devastating, and the restoration process can seem daunting. But with the help of a professional water damage restoration and mold remediatio... READ MORE

Ceiling Repair and Air Duct Cleaning

In this case, SERVPRO of Dallas Love had the privilege to help a family that had suffered from water damage. The family had recently moved into their home and w... READ MORE

Water Leak Damages Walls from Inside

When a resident of an Dallas Love, Texas home arrived home from work, they found that their water heater had been leaking. The leak had caused their bedroom roo... READ MORE

SERVPRO Floor Repair and Mold Remediation

When the homeowner contacted SERVPRO, they were worried about their lower-level water damage and mold growth. The floor had buckled and warped, and there was a ... READ MORE

Professional Mold Restoration in Dallas, TX

The occupant of this home in Dallas, Texas experienced a serious water damage situation because of flash-flooding. As a result, serious mold growth inside the w... READ MORE

Mold Growth on a Wall After Water Damage

Mold covered the wall behind the toilet. This is where the tub was leaking due to a worn out flange, which allowed water to make contact with the drywall. When ... READ MORE

Complete Cleanup and Restoration from Fire Damage in a Dallas Home

No one wants to go through the ordeal of a fire and smoke damage in their home, but even more than that, no one wants to keep worrying about the lingering effec... READ MORE

Storm Causes Water Damage in Dallas, TX

When a storm caused damage to the exterior of a home, water seeped into the drywall bedroom ceiling. The water damage left several areas of the drywall discolor... READ MORE

Bathroom Floor and Wall Restoration Process

Before the restoration process, there was mold and damage present to this bathroom floor. The water had gotten behind the subflooring, resulting in it needing t... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Dallas, TX

This Dallas, TX office had a great deal of commercial carpet and fabric that needed to be cleaned. A new business owner was moving into an office space and want... READ MORE