Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling Repair and Air Duct Cleaning

In this case, SERVPRO of Dallas Love had the privilege to help a family that had suffered from water damage. The family had recently moved into their home and w... READ MORE

Water Leak Damages Walls from Inside

When a resident of an Dallas Love, Texas home arrived home from work, they found that their water heater had been leaking. The leak had caused their bedroom roo... READ MORE

Professional Mold Restoration in Dallas, TX

The occupant of this home in Dallas, Texas experienced a serious water damage situation because of flash-flooding. As a result, serious mold growth inside the w... READ MORE

Mold Growth on a Wall After Water Damage

Mold covered the wall behind the toilet. This is where the tub was leaking due to a worn out flange, which allowed water to make contact with the drywall. When ... READ MORE

Bathroom Floor and Wall Restoration Process

Before the restoration process, there was mold and damage present to this bathroom floor. The water had gotten behind the subflooring, resulting in it needing t... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Damage Restoration in Dallas, TX

A tenant called in a water damage claim to his kitchen flooring which was finished with laminate flooring and vinyl tiles. The customer claimed that they saw st... READ MORE

Water Damaged Floor in Dallas, TX

This 2-story house in an upscale neighborhood was flooded by broken pipes on the lower level. The entire house needed to be dried out due to black mold growth t... READ MORE

Wall and Floor Restoration and Cleanup in Dallas, TX Home

After she returned from a business trip abroad and discovered her house flooded. It turned out that her teenage son hadn't turned off the spigot outside her hom... READ MORE

Kitchen Cabinets Restoration After Water Damage

Kitchen cabinets can get a lot of wear and tear. From spills to splatters, kitchen cabinets are often inundated with things that can damage their finish or warp... READ MORE

Detecting Moisture and Locating Leaks and Water Damage

After your home or commercial building has been impacted by water damage, it is best to call in the professionals for a water damage inspection to ensure that a... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage Restoration Process in Dallas, TX

If your bathroom toilet overflows, it is recommended to clean it up right away to limit any water damage to the rest of the bathroom. If the cause of the toilet... READ MORE

Bathroom Floor Stains from Water Damage and Flooding in Dallas

Dallas storms bring Dallas flooding. SERVPRO of Dallas Love recently handled a water damage and cleanup call for a residential building in the Dallas area. As p... READ MORE

Water Removal and Cleanup Services in Dallas, TX Apartment

From time to time, home appliances and technology made to make our lives more convenient can actually cause more problems than they solve. This Dallas apartment... READ MORE

Flooding Causes Floor Damage in Dallas Home

When Texas enters storm and hurricane season, Dallas can often fall victim to the destructive aftermath of these dangerous Texas storms. Heavy rains can lead to... READ MORE

Kitchen and Laundry Area Water Damage Restoration

A residential home was experiencing water damage in the kitchen and laundry area due to leaking under-sink hoses. The water entered the space between the concre... READ MORE

Apartment Flooring Water Damage Restoration

An apartment complex in Dallas was faced with extensive water damage to multiple units, including flooring enhancements. The water source had been due to storm ... READ MORE

Commercial Building Hallway Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO was contacted by an office manager of a local commercial building as she noticed there was water damage in the hallway. When we arrived, we found that t... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration for Ceiling in Dallas, TX

When water enters an unprotected space into your home or office, such as an access panel or ceiling, it has to go somewhere. Once there's a leak with enough vol... READ MORE